RCI Points Guide For Those New to RCI Points Timeshare

This RCI Points Guide below helps If you are a first time RCI Points Timeshare buyer and want to go straight into RCI, leading timeshare exchange system, nothing could be simpler. You can also let us know what your vacation requirements or budget are and we will show you the most suitable RCI Points Timeshare purchase plan, tailored to you own specific needs. Also see our quick view 2012 RCI Points Guide PDF 800k. Which has values examples and our latest special offers

RCI Points Guide For Existing RCI Timeshare Owners Wanting To Convert

It's so simple If you are an existing RCI Weeks timeshare owner, you can cede your week/s to the RCI Points system, for a value allocated by RCI, to your particular timeshare ownership. It's a very simple process, and we use RCI's own, nice and easy paperwork and it is all done by post. You can add extra points to boost this value to the level you wish to own. Call UK 00 44 1444 473800 or Contact Eminent RCI Points Timeshare for details, RCI Points costs and current RCI Points special offers. Low RCI Points Conversion prices.

Ceding is rather like a form of permanent spacebanking with a value returned instead of weeks. Every year at the time of year you joined you get another issue of points. You retain the ownership of the timeshare and carry on paying the maintenance and have all your voting and other rights of ownership just as before. Should you wish to withdraw your weeks from the RCI points system in the future you can provided you give a years notice. Then you are free to use them every year or resell them as you wish.

Contact Us or call us for a valuation of your weeks. Please include your RCI membership number if you wish to speed up our reply.

Low Priced RCI Points conversions including additional RCI Points

The RCI Points Guide

How to use this RCI Points Guide. This guide gives you a quick and simple overview of RCI Points, but we know there are those of you that want all the details in greater depth! Simple use the Contact Us form and ask for the full help and guides by e-mail and we will mail them back and answer any questions you may also ask.

Maximize your holiday options with RCI Points! When you become an RCI Points Timeshare Member you are a part of a Worldwide network of timeshare holiday-makers, who like you, want to make the most of their vacation and leisure time. With RCI Points, you have the flexibility to use your Points to reserve accommodation at quality, world class resorts AND to book an increasing selection of non timeshare travel and worldwide leisure services.


Membership runs on an Anniversary rather than a Calendar basis. This means that your annual Membership runs for a full 12 months from the date you join rather than until the end of the year in which you join.

Booking your vacations with RCI Points

When you feel like getting away Just look inside the RCI Points Directory.

You'll find all kinds of fantastic resorts listed geographically. All you have to do is pick your destination, decide when you want to travel and then look up the Points value for that location. You can make your reservation up to 10 months in advance of the desired start date of your holiday.

RCI Timeshare Resort Gradings. Resorts are graded in key factors ranging from 1key to 5key then 5L key, within each factor are the unit sizes, kitchen types, number of bathrooms and privacy and the week numbers.Out of season low key numbers are lower in point value than top key resorts in the largest units in peak demand times. This leaves you in full control of how many points you wish to budget for each type of holiday.

RCI Points Weekend breaks and mid week breaks have a separate point value to full weeks, all these values are in your RCI Points catalogs. When you want to travel back to your week, resort, or resort group, separate reservation times apply. This is to ensure that you receive priority in making your holiday reservation.

RCI Points Timeshare Reservations

Regular RCI Points Reservation Bookable 10 months in advance of the desired start date of your holiday.

Week Priority Reservation If you convert a fixed week of timeshare ownership into RCI Points and would like to reserve that particular week, please call your RCI Travel Consultant 13 — 12 months before the desired start date of your holiday. This way, they can ensure that you have priority in booking your own week. No booking charge Resort Priority Reservation If you have convert either a fixed or floating week into RCI Points and wish to holiday at your Resort, please call your RCI Travel Consultant 11/12 months before the desired start date of your holiday. This way they can ensure that you have priority in booking your holiday reservation along with other members who own at your Resort.

Group Priority Reservation If your Resort is part of a larger group of properties, you have priority over all other members (except those who also own within your Group) when you call us is 11 - 10 months before the desired start date of your holiday.

RCI Weeks Reservation If the resort you wish to travel to is not featured in the RCI Points Timeshare Directory, just look inside the RCI Weeks' Directory 'RCI Holiday Directory of Timeshare Resorts' for access to RCI's 6357 affiliated Timeshare Resorts around the world. Bookings can be made up to 24 months in advance of the desired start date of your holiday.

Annual membership to RCI Points

Your use year Your Use Year is the annually recurring 12 month period during which you must use your RCI Points. Points are assigned to you based on the date your membership in RCI Points begins. For example, if your membership begins in May, your Points membership runs from May each year. If you buy additional Points at a later date, your Use Year remains the same.

Saving RCI Points If you find you can't use all of your RCI Points in any one year, your unused Points will automatically be saved to the next Use Year. Unused points can be saved to a third and final year however it is not automatic, you will need to contact RCI. RCI Points can be saved for a maximum of two years

Borrowing RCI Points If you do not have enough RCI Points to book the holiday you really want, you can always borrow Points from the following year's annual entitlement. At any time during a given Use Year, you can borrow Points from the following Use Year. If your reservation was made with borrowed Points and you decide to cancel, your Points are automatically returned to the Use Year from which they were borrowed.

Transferring RCI Points You may transfer your RCI Points to another RCI Points member any time during your Use Year. You can also purchase a Guest Certificate that enables you to share your holiday with non-member friends and family.


RCI Points Partner Reservations In addition to the fantastic accommodation choice, you can also use your RCI Points to pay for travel and leisure services through RCI Points Partners.

Whether you're hiring a car or looking for a hotel, you will find details located inside the RCI Points Directory in the RCI Points Partner section. And this is just the beginning, as our RCI Points Partners increase, so will your choices.

Just look at some of the Points Partners so far.

What's more, for added flexibility you can pay for your Points Partner reservation in full using your Points, or you can choose to part-pay in Points and pay the balance in cash.

RCI Travel In addition to using your Points against selected travel services, you can also benefit from the special member offers through RCI Travel.

RCI Travel is one of Europe's leading travel agencies and has been arranging travel for RCI members since 1987. Through working with Europe's top airlines and tour operators as well as Avis Rent a Car in Europe and Alamo Rent a car in the USA and Canada, they can offer you exclusive and competitive prices - whatever your travel requirements.

Just a few of the ways you could spend those points Gold Crown Resort Example Use

Remember the new system does not recognize ownership weeks, when they were banked or their trading power, it solely looks to see that you have the required amount of points

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