RCI Points Special Offers with Low Yearly Maintenance Fee.

38000 RCI Points Special Offer $2750

Best RCI Points Deals All inclusive pricing

38,000 RCI Points CAD$ 1,820 No yearly fee till 2015, use 2014 - Special - Limited stock remaining 

47,000 RCI Points CAD$ 2,295 No yearly fee till 2015, use 2014   Special - Limited stock remaining 

76,000 RCI Points CAD$ 2,750 No yearly fee till 2015, use 2014   Special - Limited stock remaining 

94,000 RCI Points CAD$ 3,995 No yearly fee till 2015, use 2014 - Special - Limited stock remaining 

102,500 RCI Points CAD$ 4,550 lowest yearly fees of just CAD$825

161,500 RCI Points CAD$ 7,280 lowest yearly fees of just CAD$1200

193,000 RCI Points CAD$ 9,999 lowest yearly fees of just CAD$1350

242,000 RCI Points CAD$ 10,930 lowest yearly fees of just CAD$1725

Special Offer Includes FREE RCI Points Membership for year 1, RCI Points enrolment, conversion and registration, legal fees and ownership transfer of weeks (no matter how many weeks). ALL OWNERSHIPS RUN FROM YOUR LOCAL RCI OFFICE - wherever you live in the World

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RCI Points Resort Brochure RCI Points Resort Brochure (1110 KB)

IN THE BROCHURE Find out all about the home resorts, why this is the best deal around, all about the ownership, your rights at this owner controlled resort, the trustee protection for the life of the resort and more!

UK (011 44) 1273 844 643 Canadian Sales Office (office hours) +1 604 942 6797 for friendly help and advice, Mail info@buyrcipoints.ca or use our Contact Form 

RCI Points Ownership Pack From Eminent

RCI Points Special Offers - Exceptional Gold Crown Weeks packages for new or existing RCI owners

Free RCI Owners Membership Packs. The very low management fee is the key!

Already own RCI Points? Add extra RCI Points to your account. Use ANY of these deals. Ask for details and please tell us which resorts and weeks you own

All RCI Points Special Offer deals are every year use, RCI Points are renewed automatically every year - you do not need to space bank anything

With Resort Management Fees as low as just CAD$326 our RCI Points Specials almost pay for themselves.
Our management fees a half or less of some of our competitors, the amount you save over the length of your Points can make it pay for itself over and over again.

RCI Points Prices Team

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We are RCI Points Timeshare specialists with offices in Canada (After Sales Service) and the UK. We specialise in the very best points deals

We pride ourselves on our low pressure sales approach, so there are no deposits, we have full 14 day cooling off periods and give full disclosure. No payment is to be made until you are happy and understand your RCI Points Timeshare purchase fully. This means that you make your decision in the comfort of your own home - in your own time, with no pressure! We also have great RCI Points Prices and the lowest annual management fees!